What I Say When You Ask What I’m Up To


Night Boat Press wanted a promotional video to sync with the release of their new title, Letters From Robots by Diana Salier. They wanted it to be different, they wanted it to be shareable, and they wanted it to entertain. So I got together with Salier and we decided to collaborate in adapting one of her poems from the page to the screen. The poem is about someone avoiding an empty hole in her life by keeping busy, so I thought we’d visually communicate that by having our main character, played by Salier, building a giant couch fort to hide in. We used a style of stop-motion paper-cut-out animation inspired by the title sequence in the movie Juno, and we even collaborated together to write an original song for the soundtrack. All-in-all, it’s a totally unique piece of branded content that received a lot of attention at targeted blogs and websites, and generated some nice buzz for the book’s release.